Imaging and filters

Image processing has always been one of the my favourite and talked about subjects and un doubtly it is one of the most interesting bits of computer science that exist. For some it is a challenge to talk about, a few would term it as virtually impossible and a few would be developing applications from secure government projects to a simplistic robots. Image processing by far remains one of the most sophisticated technologies in the world today. The use of it can be seen in laboratories, industrial applications and also a few personal computing applications. Either we are using Document processing or scanning images; watching an assembly line guided by robots or using satellites is all that relates to image processing. Today image processing is part of our lives and for some a success story. Image processing is one field that is always taking its mark towards new ideas and innovations. My interest grows more every time I read something about Image processing and I write about it today. I had done a small project back in school with some hefty amounts of research, Ironically my career did not start off in a research lab just as I would have liked it to be but thats the “bit” we all try to understand *Try*, everyday. ­čÖé At that time my ultimate aim had been to choose an application that brings knowledge not only to me but also to my fellow colleagues, students of Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, friends and to give me a solid position in order to research further and probably in a laboratory fulfilling realities of science fiction.

Attached is a PDF [Imaging and Filters] of the extract. This piece of murky english that stays in my backup CD drives should be atleast out here in the virtual space. Maybe some one might benefit from my very little understanding of the matter.

Following are some really nice├é┬áreosurces to start your day with Image procesing├é┬á ­čśë


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